Fuda Bearing Group Party Branch won the title of "five-star" two new party organizations

Time:2019/8/19 10:56:43

Fuda Bearing Group Party Branch won the title of "five-star" two new party organizations

The party branch of Fuda Bearing Group Co., Ltd. was named by the Organization Department of the Cixi Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China as the "five-star" two-party organization of 2018. This hard-won award is the recognition of the party committee of the city for the work of the party branch of the Fuda Group. It includes the efforts of the members of the party branch around the clock, and the support and support of the masses of workers.

In 2018, the party branch rebuilt a warehouse in the Fuda factory area and established a party member's home, which greatly enriched the party members' leisure activities. Since 2018, the Party branch has organized and participated in various activities such as "Party Construction Learning", "Practical Education", "Love Blood Donation", "Fire Fighting Exercise", "Safety Education", and "Environmental Protection Promotion". .

In 2019, Fuda Bearing Party Branch will continue to carry forward the advanced nature of party members, play a leading role in various positions in Fuda, and actively participate in socialist construction. Once again, I would like to thank the leaders at all levels for their guidance and care for the Fuda Party branch. The party branch will not forget the original heart and bear in mind the mission.

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