"Never forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind" -- fuda group party branch to carry out party building learning activities

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On June 2, 2019, the branch committee of fuda bearing group co., ltd. organized and carried out the party building activity of "never forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind", aiming to carry forward the fine style of "leading by example at the above rate", improve the advanced nature of party members, firm faith and clear direction.

Cross village head

Eight o 'clock in the morning, participate in the study activities of the fuda group party branch a line of people came to yuyao liang red base. On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2003, xi jinping, then secretary of zhejiang provincial party committee, visited liangnong town and hengkantou village in the town, and put forward the ardent expectation of building "the model town of moderately prosperous in an all-round way in the old revolutionary base area of China". Over the past 16 years, hengkantou village party members and the masses keep their mission in mind and develop characteristic economy. At the end of 2017, hengkantou village was rated as "national civilized village".

The members of the party branch of fuda group carefully studied the important instructions of general secretary xi jinping and the development history of hengkantou village, discussed the favorable construction conditions of hengkantou village, and expressed that they would bring the successful experience of hengkantou village development to their work, and drive more people to learn together.


The old site of east zhejiang district committee of the communist party of China

At ten o 'clock in the morning, the party branch of forda group came to "the old site of zhejiang district party committee of the communist party of China" to pay respects to history and remember the martyrs. Fourteen years of Anti-Japanese War, the Chinese sons and daughters of countless heroes, all over the country, in this forest of siming mountains have such an anti-japanese team.

On July 18, 1941, yu ci people always remember the day, the party led pudong guerrillas crossing hangzhou bay, ambushed the Japanese aggressors in cixi xianggong dian, fired the first shot of resistance in eastern zhejiang, and then established the siming mountain revolutionary base.

The historical materials, pictures, photographs, maps, battle maps and other materials on display in the exhibition room are like solidified history, which gives people in the place a deep shock and make people respect.

Mourn the martyrs, don't forget the national humiliation; Take history as a mirror and look to the future. After a one-day party building study activities, the party branch members more firmly build a moderately prosperous society in all respects unswerving faith. Fuda group party branch will continue to carry out relevant learning activities.

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